Corporate Social Investment


SFF has a responsibility to play a positive role in the lives of South Africans, especially those who live in the disadvantaged communities.  This is key to the company’s business strategy. SFF is committing to the empowerment, development and sustainability of disadvantaged communities through focused, coherent and progressive CSI programme.

SFF CSI programme seeks:

  • To empower disadvantaged communities in the socio-economic as well as environmental spheres;
  • To respond to factors and incidents which adversely affect the living conditions of the disadvantaged communities in which SFF operates;
  • To build, enhance and nurture the company’s reputation as a responsible and caring corporate citizen;
  • To strategically position SFF as a key contributor to community development nationally;
  • To enhance the loyalty, commitment and pride of SFF’s staff.



SFF will direct its corporate social investment on the focus areas that have been identified. These are:


SFF will not give financial support to:

  • Profit making organisation and companies
  • Political parties or groupings
  • Commercial fund –raising agencies
  • Sports
  • Bursaries
  • Conference, seminars and workshops (must be flexible)
  • Local and international costs of groups, sports or individuals
  • Organizations that have been in existence for less than one year
  • Organizations that are not registered as Non- Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development‘s NPO Directorate
  • The construction and maintenance of infrastructure


To be considered please fill in the attached application.  Forward it to with the following:

  • Proposal
  • NPO registration Document
  • Tax Exemption Certificate

For any enquiries please email:

Closing Date: 31 December 2022